Faith and Farming Workbook 2021

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The Faith and Farming programme is part of the Scripture Engagement department of SIL Nigeria. We recognize that most, if not all, the languages that we do Bible Translation in are spoken by farmers. Yet often there is a disconnect between the life of a farmer and the life of the church. Many farmers continue to go the traditional shrine to seek blessings on their farming seasons or for help in times of drought. Farming is often perceived as a dirty, lowly and undesirable job. The Faith and Farming programme seeks to encourage farmers by highlighting and learning from the many farmers in the Bible, including God Himself who planted the Garden of Eden. We try to learn what we can about farming through our own farming experience and from talking to farmers so that we can provide helpful resources to encourage and bless farmers. These Faith and Farming workshop resources are designed for use in a workshop on Faith and Farming. Workshop participants will be exposed to farmers and farming in the Bible and will look at how their faith in God can affect their farming. The workshop is taught using a variety of teaching methods including PowerPoint presentations, games, Bible studies, group work, presentation etc. All topics can be covered or a selection, please feel free to select the topics most relevant to you.
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